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Episode 79 – Powerlifting Teen World Champion Anna Zak Interview

Episode 78 – On Location at Hatteras Watersports

Episode 77Paparazzi OBX Owners The Beatty Family Interview

Episode 76Secret Island Owners Dru & Natalia Thompson Interview

Episode 75 – Return to H2OBX Waterpark

Season 4 (2017)

Episode 74 – On Location at OB-Xscape Rooms

Episode 73Lost in Buffalo City Writer/Director Raymond Wallace Interview

Episode 72 – On Location with OBXjetpak on the Flyboard

Episode 71 – Hair Stylist Ashley Dashiell Interview

Episode 70 – On Location at H2OBX Waterpark

Episode 69 – Gallop Funeral Services Owner Courtney Gallop Interview

Episode 68 – Kill Devil Hills Mayor Sheila Davies Interview

SEASON 3 (2016)

Episode 67 – On Location at Wright Brothers Memorial 113th First Flight Anniversary

Episode 66 – Pirates & Pixies Owner Butch Midgett Interview

Episode 65 – Capt. Dave Marciano (Wicked Tuna) Interview

Episode 64 – On Location at Dimensions Hair Salon

Episode 63 – On Location at Soundside FunFair Carnival

Episode 62Legend: An OBX Novel Author Joseph Waltenbaugh Interview

Episode 61 – On Location at Point Harbor Strawberry Patch

Episode 60 – Rev. Tanya Young Interview

Episode 59 – On Location at Roanoke Island Festival Park

Episode 58 – OBX Princess Isabella Pakula Interview

Episode 57 – On Location at Women’s Winter Expo 

Episode 56Marie’s Maids Owner Marie York Interview

Episode 55Transgressor Writer/Director Victoria Duncan Interview

SEASON 2 (2015)

Episode 54 – Jason and Justin Hill (Star Wars 501st Legion) Interview

Episode 53 – Rob Jenkins (PsychoPath Haunted Trail) Interview

Episode 52 – Mark Jurkowitz (Outer Banks Sentinel Owner) Interview

Episode 51 – On Location at Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Premiere Party

Episode 50 – Christine and Ronnie Beasley (Outer Vapes) Interview

Episode 49 – On Location at NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Episode 48 – Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) Interview Part 2

Episode 47 – Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) On Location Interview

Episode 46 – Kill Devil Derby Brigade Interview

Episode 45 – Kim Sawyer (Roanoke Island Festival Park) Interview

Episode 44 – Aubrey Davis and Eric Reece (Outer Banks Brewing Station) Interview

Episode 43 – On Location at Outer Banks Bike Week 2015

Episode 42 – Don Bridge and Jon Bender (Theatre of Dare) Interview

Episode 41 – Stacey Walters (Sweet T’s Coffee Beer and Wine) Interview

Episode 40 – Capt. Tim Story (Outer Banks Fishing Charters) Interview

Episode 39 – Chris Sawin (Dare County Arts Council) Interview

Episode 38 – Carole Dawn Emerson (Children At Play Museum) Interview

Episode 37 – Mike Kelly (Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern) Interview

Episode 36 – Carol Ann (Jolly Roger) Interview

SEASON 1 (2014)


Episode 35 (Christmas Episode) – Jim and Ann Poulos (OBX Christmas House) Interview and On Location

Episode 34 – On Location at OBXE Outer Banks Halloween Parade of Costumes

Episode 33 – OBXE Outer Banks Halloween Parade of Costumes Preview

Episode 32 – Outer Banks Fall Halloween Special

Episode 31 – Gene Staples (Island Farm) Interview

Episode 30 – PsychoPath Haunted Island Cast Interview

Episode 29 – Ben Sproul (The Pit) Interview

Episode 28 – Debbi Evans (OBX Bluegrass Festival) Interview

Episode 27 – Bud Elkins (Wanchese Woods Haunted Trail) Interview

Episode 26 – On Location at Outer Banks Pro

Episode 25 – Mike Dianna (Mike Dianna’s Grill Room) Interview

Episode 24 – Matt Marberry (OBX Mystery Dinner) Interview

Episode 23 – On Location at First Flight Adventure Park

Episode 22 – On Location with OBXjetpak

Episode 21 – Kim Sawyer (Roanoke Island Festival Park) Interview

Episode 20 The Lost Colony Actors Interview

Episode 19 – Outer Banks Summer Music Special

Episode 18 – Holly Overton Interview and Music Performance

Episode 17 – Harvey Hess (Capt’n Franks) Interview

Episode 16 – Philip Foreman (Brew Thru) Interview

Episode 15 – On Location at The Wailers in Concert at Kelly’s

Episode 14 – Mike Remige (Jennette’s Pier) Interview

Episode 13 – On Location at Shallowbag Beach Music Festival

Episode 12 – On Location with Outer Banks Restaurant Tours

Episode 11 – Jonny Waters Interview and Music Performance

Episode 10 – Maylon White (NC Aquarium) Interview

Episode 9 – Butch Stone (OBXjetpak) Interview

Episode 8 – Author Suzanne Tate Interview

Episode 7 – Artist Glenn Eure Interview

Episode 6 – Capt. Tim Story (Outer Banks Fishing Charters) Interview

Episode 5 – Stacey Walters (Sweet T’s Coffee Beer and Wine) Interview

Episode 4 – Bob Oakes (Village Realty) Interview

Episode 3 – Stuart Chamberlain (Ocean Annie’s Craft Gallery) Interview

Episode 2 – Tanya Young (Roanoke Island Festival Park) Interview

Episode 1 – Mike Kelly (Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern) Interview

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