Man Dies After Being Rescued from Ocean in Corolla

Posted By on September 23, 2020

A man who was rescued from the ocean yesterday (9/22/20) in Corolla has passed away at the hospital, according to an updated statement Currituck County released on social media today.

An adult male visitor was rescued from the ocean by lifeguards in the late afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 22. EMS personnel administered CPR on the beach as the water was coming up high. While they were tending to the man, lifeguards, deputies, and bystanders dug a temporary trench to divert ocean water from washing over the EMS crew and the patient. The man’s pulse was revived and he was transported to a hospital by a Nightingale helicopter.

County official learned this morning that the man had passed away at the hospital.

Everyone is reminded to please obey all safety warnings regarding rough surf and dangerous ocean conditions, and not to put yourself or your children at risk of drowning. Red Flag advisories have been posted at local beaches in recent days due to dangerous ocean conditions.


Posted by Matt Artz

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