Hear Tim Reynolds’ New Album ‘Venus Transit’

Posted By on July 15, 2020

Renowned guitar virtuoso and Outer Banks resident Tim Reynolds just released a brand new album of original music today (7/15/20), and you can listen to Venus Transit online on all streaming platforms.

Reynolds only just announced the surprise release less than a week ago, on July 9. In his video announcement posted to social media, he describes the album as sounding like “a movie soundtrack traveling through wide-open spaces.”

Dreamy and otherworldly, the 10-track instrumental album is the perfect soundtrack to the surreal summer of 2020, with a hauntingly foreboding darkness throughout, but always teasing the rays of a brighter, hopeful dawn just over the horizon. It is a meditative and atmospheric escape from the horrors of our current reality. Reynolds’ intricate acoustic playing is complimented with engrossing synth effects, as this is immersive music meant to be heard through quality headphones, taking the listener on a sonic journey into space.

Having toured the world with his band TR3 and with frequent collaborator Dave Matthews, Reynolds lived on the Outer Banks from 2007 until about two years ago.

You can listen to Venus Transit below.


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