Music Video Filming in Nags Head Casting Adult Male

Posted By on March 29, 2018

As the Outer Banks’ burgeoning local film industry continues to grow, a new music video production is set to film at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head in early April, and the production is currently looking for an adult male bodybuilder-type to join the cast.

The independent production is a music video set in Ancient Egypt, which will use a mix of M.I.A.’s song “Bad Girls” to showcase all-new original art design, story, and choreography. The music video, titled “Nefertari”. tells the story of the Egyptian queen Nefertari, who is betrayed and killed by her advisers in an attempt to steal the throne. Unable to move on into the afterlife, she convinces gods Anubis and Sobek to send her back from the dead in order to exact revenge on those that wronged her and once again take her place as queen of Egypt.

Portions of the project will be filmed at Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head on Saturday, April 7.

 A small crew is travelling down from New York for the shoot. 

Producers are currently still looking to fill the role of Sobek, the god of the Nile, who has the head of a black and gold crocodile and works with Anubis to bring Nefertari back from the dead to exact her revenge on the ones who murdered her.

Casting details:

ETHNICITY: African American, Latino/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous

TYPE: 21 – 30 years old, male, broad bodybuilder physique

REQUIRED MEDIA: Head shot/photo

COMPENSATION: Pays $120 per day with lunch included, as well as travel compensation and stills from

professional photographer who will be present on set for the day.

If you are interested in applying for the role, you can email [email protected] with your name,

location, and a waist-up head shot.

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