Live Boxing Coming To Kelly’s, Nags Head [Interview]

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Live boxing is coming to Kelly’s in Nags Head this September.

We recently caught up with the Outer Banks’ best known local fighter and trainer David “Do or Die” Derby to get the details on this action-packed event that will be a first for the area. Read on for our exclusive interview!

OBX Entertainment: What can fans expect at this event?

David Derby: This event will probably be, by design, the most diverse sporting event ever held on the Outer Banks. I have all races, ages, and weights. 

How is this event unique and new for the Outer Banks?

This will be the first sanctioned boxing event in Outer Banks history. This is NC USA Boxing sanctioned. They are the sanctioning body for Olympic boxing in North Carolina. Athletes are matched by weight, age, and experience. We have 40 fighters signed up one month before time to touch gloves.

My goal is to host the NC Golden Gloves, the largest boxing tournament in North Carolina.

Will it be pro boxers or amateurs?

This is an amateur event. It’s a fundraiser for the non-profit Outer Banks Boxing Club. We have seven autistic kids who are going to train with us this upcoming year. There is no charge to train, and we will use the money (from the fundraiser) to pay for trips. We plan on a fun educational trip this year to go to UNC, and several other planned events.

We are an anti-bully club, so if your kid is being bullied, we want to build him or her up to handle negative treatment through self belief, as well as train them to be able to defend themselves. Both are equally important.

What age range are the fighters?

I have a 47-year-old and an 8-year-old competing (not against each other of course).

State champion Outer Banks fighter Jeremiah Derby, pictured with "Boxing Godzilla" and Mike Kelly, will compete in a live boxing event at Kelly's in Nags Head on Sept. 16, 2017. (photo courtesy of Outer Banks Boxing Club)

State champion Outer Banks fighter Jeremiah Derby, pictured with “Boxing Godzilla” and Mike Kelly, will compete in a live boxing event at Kelly’s in Nags Head on Sept. 16, 2017. (photo courtesy of Outer Banks Boxing Club)

Will it be local-based fighters?

We do have some locals getting in the ring. My son (Jeremiah Derby) won the state title belt a few months ago. He has been training with coach Pete Joyner, who was Sweet Pea Whitaker’s coach.

Tommy Schuster is having his first fight at age 47. First Flight football star Tristan Scarborough is fighting. The Outer Banks’ Colin Kelly has a match.

I’ve got two female fighters. They are going to go at it. I’m so proud of them. They are tough chicks, but they used this event to get in good physical condition.

I think everyone should fight at least once. It’ll show you what your made of and humble you.

Will you be fighting?

I’m not fighting because it’s amateurs’ time to shine, and I wanted to give these guys an opportunity that I never had, to compete in a sanctioned event on their own beach.

I won my last fight by knockout in May (watch below), and in June I tried out for a reality show. We will be filming some for the show at the event on the 16th of September. The show will be about bare-knuckle boxing and be on the History Channel. I don’t know when it’ll air yet, but if I win, I get $250,000, so I’m training hard.

You also have some other events happening at Kelly’s to lead up to the fight night. What can you tell us about those?

I am so excited to do this event at Kelly’s. We have three ring girl model searches, on Aug. 31, Sept. 7, and Sept. 14, at Kelly’s. Sept. 7 and 14 will be our DJ battle, to see who is crowned best DJ on the beach. We are going to have a great event for a good cause. We have 20 ring girls and they’ll be as diverse as the fighters, all colors and shapes and sizes of beautiful.

I’m hoping we get a great turnout and get picked to host the 2018 Golden Gloves here in April. We need more sporting events on our beautiful beach. It’ll generate income for local businesses and open opportunities for local athletes.

You attended our Halloween International Film Festival in 2016, and I know you’re excited for the 2017 festival, so I have to ask: What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

I don’t know if the locals realize the talent and directors and producers who look at your Halloween Film Festival. I can’t wait. This year is going be great, and I hope a lot of locals realize the opportunity and seize it by attending.

I got a costume (Godzilla, pictured below) that helps me cut weight for my fights. It’s my “sauna suit,” and I lose six to eight pounds in two hours wearing it. Every athlete calls themselves a “beast” now, so I’ve become “The King of the Beasts!!”

Mike Kelly is ready for live boxing at Kelly's in Nags Head. (photo courtesy of Outer Banks Boxing Club)

Mike Kelly is ready for live boxing at Kelly’s in Nags Head. (photo courtesy of Outer Banks Boxing Club)

The Battle of the Beasts on the Beach boxing event is happening on Saturday, September 16 at Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern in Nags Head, presented by OBXtravaganza and Outer Banks Boxing Club.

Doors will open at 4pm, with the fights beginning at 5pm.

Tickets are $20 each or $10 for students, available now by calling 252-548-4523.


Boxing at Kelly's - September 16

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