‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’ Season 4 Ep. 2 Preview

Posted By on July 31, 2017

Season 4 of the locally filmed National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) reality competition series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks kicked off last night (July 30),  with a season premiere episode that ended with a cliffhanger that left the fate of a crew member on one of the boats unknown, and now an official trailer for next week’s new episode has been released online.

In the episode, The Doghouse desperately tries to change its luck and land its first fish of the season. The preview below shows some of the aftermath of the Hot Tuna’s run in with a rogue wave. 

The local captains featured on the show were on hand for a fun Q&A session at the local Season 4 Premiere Party, which you can watch here.

You can also watch our 2016 interview with Capt. Dave Marciano, filmed aboard the Hard Merchandise, here.

Filmed on the Outer Banks, North Carolina, the breakout TV show spin off of the original Wicked Tuna that follows the exciting work of hardcore tuna fishermen on the Outer Banks, production of the new season began in January, once again shot mostly aboard the boats of the local and visiting captains from Gloucester until the region’s bluefin quota is met.

Locally based charter boat Fishin’ Frenzy, led by Captain Greg Mayer, has won the competition each of the first three seasons of the show.

In the new season, Mayer is back once again with the Fishin’ Frenzy, along with Captain Britton Shackelford of the Doghouse, and Captain Charlie Griffin of the Reels of Fortune, but now they are joined former Fishin’ Frenzy first mate Nick Gowitzka, who is now the captain of the Little Shell.

Back down from Gloucester, Captain Tyler McLaughlin of the Pinwheel and Captain T.J. Ott of the Hot Tuna are joined by returning Virginia-based Captain Dale Lisi of the Foolish Pleasures. 

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks airs on Sundays at 10pm on NatGeo.

You can watch the new preview, as well as highlights from the Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Season 4 captains Q&A panel, below!


Wicked Tuna Outer Banks Season 4

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