Horror Short ‘Lost In Buffalo City’ Filmed On Outer Banks

Posted By on June 9, 2017

The new horror thriller Lost in Buffalo City, an independent short film produced locally on the Outer Banks, has just been released for on demand viewing online. 

We here at OBX Entertainment have long been supporters of the North Carolina film industry, both through this outlet and our sister site NCFilmNews,com, and as we continue to work hard to build up and support the Outer Banks film industry, this project is just one example of what can be accomplished even on a local level.

Read on for the official press release and synopsis, and then be sure to check out the trailer below.

Boasting a myriad of Dare County locations and showcasing the talents of local actors and crew members, the locally produced horror featurette Lost In Buffalo City has been released by Baldwin Video Productions for online on-demand viewing.

“This production helps to highlight the depth of filmmaking talent we have here on the Outer Banks,” said director and Manteo resident Raymond Wallace. “We hope to follow this first effort up with even bigger and better productions.”   

The 30-minute film focuses on the once thriving inland Dare County timber town of Buffalo City, where a string of unexplained disappearances prompts enterprising young reporter John Miller (played by Jeff Ronan) to head into the swamps of the Alligator River National Wildlife refuge to uncover the truth, despite the ominous warnings of a retired lawman (Terry Snead) and a crusty supply store cashier (Stuart Parks II).

The featurette was filmed entirely on location in Dare County, with scenes in Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, and of course the inland swamps surrounding what used to be Buffalo City. Crews endured the area’s cold and rainy March weather to complete filming in a week. Several local businesses and organizations lent a hand in the efforts, including Mike Keller Ltd., Kitty Hawk Surf Company, Identify Yourself, Mission Thrift, and the Outer Banks History Center. 

The film is available for streaming exclusively on the website LostInBuffaloCity.com for $1.99.

Despite some frightening subject matter, Lost In Buffalo City contains no adult language or gore, making it appropriate for viewers of all ages who can handle the old-fashioned scares. 

“We hope that both locals and visitors alike will stream the film and enjoy this professionally made local production,” said Wallace. “They’ll see Outer Banks history and scenery spun into an entertaining tale, told with local talent, that aims to answer the mystery of what happened to John Miller.”

The official synopsis: The eerie coastal swamps of eastern North Carolina hold their secrets, and ambitious magazine reporter John Miller is determined to uncover them. Not satisfied with his assignment profiling a retired sheriff, Miller takes his story in a different direction, into long-forgotten tales of moonshiners and ghost towns and unexplained deaths.

Ignoring the admonitions of locals, Miller heads out alone to explore the remnants of Buffalo City, once the busiest town in the area but now merely a pile of dilapidated ruins amidst the encroaching swampland. Are the tales of strange apparitions and deadly encounters merely musings from tale-telling old timers, or will Miller uncover something darker, something that may cost him his life?

The short film has been submitted and is currently in consideration to be an official selection at our own Halloween International Film Festival, happening Oct. 26-28 at R/C Theatres Movies 10 in Kill Devil Hills.

You can check out the official trailer and posters for Lost in Buffalo City below, and then click here to rent the full film online.

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