Christopher Shayne Excited For NC Debut Concert On Outer Banks [Interview]

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A rising star brandishing a homegrown southern rock groove and a twist of old school country rebellion, we caught up with Christopher Shayne earlier this week to find out what fuels his music and what fans can expect when he makes his North Carolina debut live in concert this Saturday at the Bike Week Music Fest.

The singer-songwriter tells us that this weekend’s concert in Currituck is actually his first time ever visiting the state, and we assured him that the Outer Banks is ready to extend a warm welcome.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Christopher Shayne!

OBX Entertainment: First, welcome in advance to the Outer Banks! Are you at all familiar with this area?

Christopher Shayne: I’m not! When Ed LeClaire from NP Productions said we were coming to North Carolina, I got so excited! I was doing my research to try and take it all in, and I was blown away. It looks like such a cool area to be. I got my restaurants picked out, my places I want to visit, but this will be my first time stepping foot on Carolina soil. 

Your website lists ZZ Top and The Black Crowes among your influences. Can you explain a little more about your particular style of music?

One of the reasons I’m excited to come out to Outer Banks is because the area is steeped in that southern style. That dirty blues of a guitar, a man, and a life lived. This undercurrent of blues is shared in the music of ZZ Top, the Black Crowes and various others. They’ve all got to put their spin on it, and so have we. Sharing their spirit in adapting these southern blues motifs has been an absolutely amazing experience.

There’s a strong country vibe, but clearly a lot of rock infused into the tracks we’ve heard. Maybe you can comment on the balance your songs seem to find between the two genres?

The balance between the two can be hard. I’m more based in the rock while Dave and Zach are more based in country. While we’re writing, it all depends on where the needle lands for it. Sometimes we can just hear “oh that song fits over here” while other times it goes the opposite way. We like that though.

As a listener, I like it when a band can stretch boundaries of genres and pull in elements that work. So we carry that want as listeners ourselves, and apply it to how we view our songs. This allows us to play in both fields, without feeling completely out of place.

Can you describe a bit about your songwriting process? (Does it start with a riff, a lyric, or just an idea?)

All of the above! Sometimes we’ll be messing around in rehearsal and someone will play something. That’s when I get out my phone, tell everyone to stop and we catch whatever it is. Other times, I just hear that ethereal “something”. I’ll stew on it for a day or two, and come back to the guys with my full idea ready to present.

That’s how “Give a Damn” started. I was so angry at the time that I was just thinking “I’m trying to remember…”. I became obsessed with the idea so much that I had to just write a song around it, and it was born! Other times, Dave or Zach will send me recordings of ideas, and I’ll do my thing over the top and it’s done in 20 minutes! All depends on the mood! We challenge each other to write something daily, so there’s always something new flying around.

What is your opinion of the current state of country-rock in America?

I think it’s rising! There’s always been this cool underground scene of country rock with bands like the Rival Sons, but I think it’s starting to get to its stride. The Cadillac Three really got me going lately after seeing them live and seeing how heavy they were. Hearing the country crowd cheering to Led Zeppelin licks just cemented that general feeling. It’ll just take one song and one act to break through that barrier to become a mass appeal.

If you could share the stage with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I annoy my manager daily to get us on stage with Aerosmith. We carry bits of their swagger in our music, and it’d be cool to see how well they meshed! I remember holding “Aerosmith” concerts in my front lawn to no one, and I’d love to see that happen for real.

What can audience members expect to see at this Saturday’s concert?

Rock and Roll Swagger, country attitude, and dash of heaviness mixed in. We’re going acknowledge our roots while introducing the new stuff we got. I’m so excited to share the stage with Molly Hatchet as they’ve inspired all of us so much. So strap in, We got a show for ya!

The Outer Banks Bike Week Music Fest is happening this weekend, with Great White and Slaughter taking the stage this Friday, April 28, followed by Molly Hatchet and special guest Christopher Shayne on Saturday, April 29 at Outer Banks Harley-Davidson, located just over the Wright Memorial Bridge in Harbinger, Currituck County.

General admission tickets are $20 for a single day or $35 for both days, available for online purchase here.

OBX Entertainment will be on location covering both Music Fest concerts this Friday and Saturday, so be sure to watch this site, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for live updates, photos, videos, and more!

Christopher Shayne

Outer Banks Bike Week 2017 Music Festival, featuring Great White, Slaughter, and Molly Hatchet in concert.

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