Dare Shadow Players Present ‘The Wizard of Oz’ [Video / Photo Gallery]

Posted By on February 12, 2016

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The Dare County Shadow Players, under the direction of Donna L. Roark, will present The Wizard of Oz live on stage at First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills this weekend, but only OBX Entertainment was there on Friday for the final dress rehearsal of the local student production.

This classic tale is an adapted version and contains all of the songs from the classic motion picture, owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed by Warner Bros.

The cast of more than 40 student actors and crew members, ranging in age from 9 to 18, have been working twice a week since September of 2015 to bring this story to life, beginning in Kansas, where life seems very plain and boring to Dorothy Gale, portrayed by Serena LePage, as she dreams of faraway lands, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Her guardians, Auntie Em, and Uncle Henry, played by Annabelle Lawrence and Alan Layton, are trying to care for her and run a farm with farmhands, Hickory, Hunk and Zeke, played by Bret Grebiner and Luke and Pierce LePage. Katie O’Neill plays Ms. Gulch, who threatens to take away Dorothy’s dog Toto, played by Anna Parsons.

When this happens, Dorothy and Toto runaway and meet Professor Marvel, portrayed by Quinn Ratti. He convinces Dorothy that Auntie Em needs her and sends her home just before a tornado hits the little town.

The tornado catapults Dorothy and Toto into Munchkinland, where they meet Glinda, the Good Witch, played by Susannah Edlund and the adorable munchkins, who are Parris Reap, Kayla Brown, Destiny Humphrey, Alex Litt, Joyner Drake, Malikye Naser, Sol LePage, James Rollason, Elijah Mitchell, Reese Homcy, Marija Frasca, Dorian Rotchford, and Stephanie Dudley.

Damon Horak, the Wicked Witch of the West, arrives in Munchkinland, only to discover that Dorothy’s house has landed on the Wicked Witch of the East and that Dorothy now poses the magical ruby red slippers. Dorothy is frightened and wants to go home. Glinda tells her to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” played by Hannah Westphal to the land of Oz.

On their way, Dorothy and Toto meet the Tinman, Travis Lawrence; the Scarecrow, Grace Hook; and Jayde Bruff portrays the Cowardly Lion. Then they are “Off to See the Wizard”! On their way to Oz they encounter lots of interesting characters, including Jitterbugs played by Halle Blaisdell, Olivia Guns, Deborah Edlund, Dylan Custer, Paulina Goping, and Nadia Henley, and the gatekeeper to OZ, Jordan Daniels.

Even the makeup, lights, sound and spotlight are handled by members of the Dare County Shadow Players: Jeri Edlund, Kateland Caudill, Matt Williamson, and Andrea Ramirez.

This is the Dare County Shadow Player’s 15th season and guaranteed to be a fun evening of children’s theatre.

UPDATE: Doors open at 2:30 pm this Sunday, February 14, at First Flight High School, on Veterans Drive in Kill Devils. and showtime is at 3pm.

Tickets are $5, available once the doors open at 2:30.

You can see a preview of the performance right now in our highlight video below, and then scroll down to view some exclusive images from the final dress rehearsal performance in our photo gallery!

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To purchase professional prints or high resolution downloads of any of the photos featured in this gallery, please click HERE!


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  1. Awesome pics and videos!

    I also noticed that there still is an old time of when the doors open under the newest Update of the showtime listed above . Please change to: Tickets are $5, available once the doors open at 2:30 p.m. instead.



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