The Platters Member Milton Bullock Playing Jolly Roger [Concert Preview]

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A former member of the legendary pop group The Platters, Milton Bullock is coming to the Outer Banks for the first time this month, live in concert at the Jolly Roger in Kill Devil Hills. 

The original Platters emerged as stars in the mid to late 1950’s, selling more records, playing more venues, appearing in more films, and romancing more Americans than any other group of their time.  Performing simple, romantic melodies, with satin smooth voices have always been their Universal trademark.  

“The Platters” were a phenomenon–the first black Doo-wop group to ever have a number one hit ‘pop’ record as well as the first to cross racial barriers on the concert circuit. Mainly by fate, for the white audiences that first heard them ‘thought’ they were a white group, embracing their ’classic’ style.  This ‘blessed misconception’ would fortunately; ‘open otherwise-closed doors’, and the rest is International-Universal American World Musical-History at its very best!

Reflecting back to 1955, the Platters dominated the ‘Top 40’s” with national and International hit-rating charts.  Quite a feat for the industry during these competitive roller-coaster economic times when there were artists releasing some 6,500 singles annually (averaging two different songs were the norm.)  While the Platters were averaging 5 sides yearly on the major pop/classic charts.  And they weren’t just confined to the 50’s.  

Their popularity ranged from Japan to Australia, from South America to Mexico and from England to the very boundaries of the Iron Curtain to all of eastern Europe for some 30+ years.  All of the success enjoyed by the Platters were generated by and under the smart directions of manager, composer song-writer/arranger; (the late Samuel Buck Ram).

     A North Carolina (Edgecombe native) Milton Bullock would be a vital part of the 1960’s second generation of that group. Bullock has entertained audiences most of his life starting locally in the Macedonia Baptist Church choir.  Then onto shining shoes on the streets of Tarboro as a youngster.  

He would be introduced to “The Platters” in  1957 and would be offered the rare and golden opportunity ‘to join’ by the group’s founder; “Herb Reed” (bass singer) of the group. Later as a replacement of David Lynch, from 1965 until 1970 he performed as 1st tenor.  Their music is known by billions, with worldwide hits such as; “Only You”-“The Great Pretender”-“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”-”My Prayer” [Mercury Records].  Then on into the 60’s Beach Music era with such smash hits on Musicor Records as; “With This Ring”-“Washed A-shore”-“Think Before You Walk Away Girl”-“So Many Tears”-“Sweet, Sweet Lovin” and “I Love You 1000 Times” to name a few of their multi-million sellers.

     After “The Platters” disbanded, Milton continued his work in the music and film industry.  You may have seen him in such box office smash hits as; “Roller Coaster”- “Home Alone II/Lost In New York City”-“FOLKS”-“Straight Talk”-“Gladiator”-“Prelude To A Kiss”-“Angel Street” and “Rudy” among others.  Presently his classic ‘solo’ tribute performances as; “The Golden Platter” continues to wow audi-ences-young and old–because of his stage presence and his sensational voice. In ad-dition, he produces his international famous, musical tribute showcase; “Back Down Memory Lane with Legends of Yesterday-The PLATTERS / MOTOWN”.   

    Contrary to popular & secular beliefs, God equipped his earthly subjects with all different kinds of talents and gifts.  And yes indeed, Milton Bullock was on that special list.   For it was during his early days as a young lad in the Macedonia Baptist Sunday School group that he, along with some of his childhood cronies would create under the directions of (Sunday School Teacher) Mrs. Dezora Ward, a youth group known as “Sunday School Sunshine Band.”  

The purpose of this group of ‘singers of praise’ was to visit the sick and shut-ins and share the current Sunday School lesson, sing praises and present them with flowers.  It would be this early informal training and spiritual development that would aid him and his peers to be the men of today!  

     Although most people are familiar with Milton’s legendary entertainment credentials; he’s most proud of his legacy with at-risk youth, Universal. As founder of “Do It For The Children Initiatives, Inc.”; he’s committed to the welfare of America’s and the World’s at-risk youth.  

He uses his celebrity status to motivate young people as well as to bring other celebrities into the act of giving troubled kids the aspiration to succeed.  As well as the ideal fundraiser for local and major international causes providing financial emergency needs to continue or embellish their operations. In addition to his God given talent to sing, he has composed a special song to financially-aid and support that cause; so appropriately themed and titled as; “Do It For The Kids Today.”

      He also spends quite a bit of time making life better for the elderly by appearing in nursing homes, retirement communities across North America, as well as hospital settings. Which always puts a ‘smile’ on the faces of those who related and still appreciates when music was music, and life was young and romance was ‘hot’ and alive!

The concert will be preceded by free meet and greet event on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at COA (College of the Albemarle) campus in Manteo, where Bullock will perform his chart topping singles “Only You” and “Do It For The children”, and he will be available to sign autographs as part of An Evening with the Berlin Candy Bomber, starting at 7pm.

Milton Bullock and The Golden Platters will then take the stage live in concert on Thursday, Dec. 17 at the Jolly Roger Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills.

Showtime is 9pm.

There is no cover charge for admission to this event.

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