Dare County Arts Council Hosting Collage Workshop

Posted By on April 28, 2015

Dare county Arts Council is pleased to present a new collage workshop with artist Greg Orloff. 

During this workshop, students will explore the art of collage to create whimsical narratives through the use of repurposed imagery.

The use of collaged materials from magazines, newspapers, wallpaper, etc. will be the source of inspiration to create imaginative 2 dimensional scenes.

This workshop will also focus on combining design elements taken from rubbings of low relief surfaces such as sewer lids, weathered wood grain, carved signs, and architectural ornament. The goal to create conversation as group through collage that is witty, thought provoking, or visually entertaining.

Collage by Greg Orloff

Collage by Greg Orloff

Greg Orloff is a sculptor, metalsmith, and mixed media artist from St. Louis, Missouri.

He received his Bachelors of Fine Art from University of Missouri, Columbia in 2012 and has been a living in Columbia, North Carolina as an assistant at Pocosin Arts in marketing and programming until July of 2014.

Recently, Greg has been traveling the world seeking new experiences in the areas of craft, art history, and simply living a journeyman’s life. He is currently on tour across the US with a final destination of Los Angeles, California. There he will be establishing a new studio space to continue developing his work as well as hosting evening arts education class for youth and adults.

Greg’s recent work is inspired by personal experience in the 21st century. Times change, ideas evolve or dissolve, and our perception of the world is sculpted through our everyday activities and experiences.

These works often take the form of narrative based reliquaries or 2 dimensional windows. They display personal moments of thought and curiosity while also creating new stories and interpretations about how society impacts personal experience. 

Collage with Greg Orloff is open to students 16 and up, and is designed to include all skill levels. It will take place on May 9-10 from 10am – 4pm at Dare County Arts Council.

The cost is $95 for DCAC members or $110 for nonmembers for both days. There will be many materials to share, but participants are invited to bring materials from home.

A full list is available at darearts.org/workshop. Dare County Arts Council is located at 300 Queen Elizabeth Avenue in downtown Manteo.

To register for this workshop, please call (252) 473-5558 or visit darearts.org for more information.

Mixed media collage by Greg Orloff

Mixed media collage by Greg Orloff


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