'Wicked Tuna: North vs. South' – Season Finale Recap

Posted By on October 19, 2014

(WARNING: SPOILERS ahead! We advise you to not read this recap before watching the most recent episode of Wicked Tuna: North vs South.)

The Outer Banks premiere screening of the Nat Geo series 'Wicked Tuna- North vs. South' on August 14, 2014. (photo by OBXentertainment.com)-0026

The tenth and final episode of the National Geographic series Wicked Tuna: North vs South, filmed entirely on the Outer Banks, North Carolina, started with the Wahoo in first place, in front of the Pin Wheel in second and southern rival Fishin’ Frenzy in third.

Frenzy was hungry, looking to catch up with Wahoo and win their $5,000 season-long bet made back in Episode 1, but it was the Meredith brothers aboard the Wahoo that was first to bring a fish to the buyer. 

Frenzy got the one they were looking for soon enough, getting mate Nick so excited the producers decided to actually subtitle his dialogue, but the real shock was when Captain Mayer uncharacteristically missed his first shot with the dart. A second shot nailed it and put the much needed tuna on the boat.

The Hard Merchandise went old school without the southern captain’s trusted green stick and instead use his traditional chum, and was able to pull one more in before the end of the season, enough to make the trip down to the Outer Banks worth it for Captain Marciano.

Hot Tuna got a bite but Captain TJ Ott was heartbroken to see the line break.

Fishin’ Frenzy successfully pulled a fish in next, moving dangerously closer to Wahoo, as Mayer stayed out on the hunt and was able to get a second catch before the close of the season at midnight on the final day.

Pin Wheel got their last-day tuna too, pulling in a huge tuna to finish off their season.

It all came down to the last fish of the season, but in the end, Fishin’ Frenzy was able to just narrowly pull ahead to first place, while Pin Wheel moved up to finish in second place, and Wahoo came in third, forced to pay Frenzy the $5,000 bet.

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You can watch our interviews with Outer Banks captains Mayer and Shackelford right now in the player below, and then click here to view over 50 exclusive images from the local preview screening in our photo gallery!


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  1. I love the fishing and seeing how much $$ the fish will bring but these guys need to stop running so much smack all the time. It’s typical “male machismo, chest puffing, I’m tougher than you” that really brings the show down. There’s too much of that crap in our society already don’t encourage more kids out there to be macho jerks. I think captain Dave Marciano is a pretty cool dude and captain TJ Ott seems like a decent guy. Paul is just a complete nut job but a cool nut job.

  2. Not sure on the tuna prices from the dock I had the Pinwheel in front and a really good fish at the end only gives them 19 bucks a pound?


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