Lost Colony Haunted History Trail Tour Selling Out Fast

Posted By on April 14, 2014

The Lost Colony announced today that two of the four Haunted History walking trail tour performances set for next week are already completely sold out.

With two school groups heading to Ft. Raleigh, The Lost Colony has sold out two of its four presentations of “Haunted History”, a living history event.  

Step back in time as you are guided in and around the historic Waterside Theatre where you will learn the mysteries of the island, the history of the colony and meet the ghosts of those who lived here.  Learn first-hand why Sir Walter Raleigh sent his colonists here, what they hoped to accomplish and the history changing outcomes of their journey. 

Some cast and crew of The Lost Colony are coming in early to produce the show.

The trail will be offered to the public on two consecutive nights:  April 22 and 23. The event begins at 8:30. Guests should plan on the tour lasting for 1 hour. The event on April 24th is completely sold out. An additional presentation was scheduled for the following week on April 30th, which has also sold out. 

Recently, the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau awarded The Lost Colony a $2000 grant to help pay for the commissioning of the script for the event. 

Lost Colony CEO Bill Coleman says: “We were fortunate to be the recipients of grant dollars from the tourism bureau to help create this event in time to get it out there this year.  We expect that in the coming couple of years it will become one of the most in demand events for school groups during the spring break season.  It’s a natural use of the Sound Stage Theatre space as well.  The bus tours will be having a meal in that space either before or after their show.  The tourism bureau also made that renovation possible three years ago.  It’s a great synergy of public and private dollars to meet the demand of shoulder season groups on the Outer Banks.”

Tickets are $15 each, and they are available for advance purchase online here.

Something wicked this way comes at 'PsychoPath'.

Something wicked this way comes at ‘PsychoPath’.


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