Sideline To Play Kitty Hawk in March [Concert Preview]

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Following the annual Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Nags Head on March 16, the band Sideline will be live at the Outer Banks Jubilee in Kitty Hawk.

Sideline will be live at the Outer Banks Jubilee on March 16, 2014.

Sideline will be live at the Outer Banks Jubilee on March 16, 2014.

You can learn more about the band in the official press release below!

What’s in a name? Some (well, Mr. Webster in fact) might suggest that the name Sideline means “an activity done in addition to one’s main job”. Alternately, many people think it’s the section of a football field just to the side of where the main action happens. is band may be an additional activity for the guys and they may stand to the side of the stage in their “regular” bands, but when they get together, it’s all front and center, main stage bluegrass.

Sideline plays songs you love. Some are bluegrass classics, some are destined to be classics, and all of them are performed in a way that makes audiences understand why these pickers and singers are A tier bluegrasses, loved and adored by fans the world over.

Steve Dilling plays like he was born and raised in a crib where only Earl Scruggs and Tony Rice played on the twirling mobile above him. In love with playing the banjo at 10, playing by 12, playing with the Bass Mountain Boys then on to the Lonesome River Band, Steve’s career has had a solid, steady trajectory of success and respect. Of course we have to talk about his 20 plus years with Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out. You know that Steve Dilling’s Carolina-awesome banjo playing and hilarious emcee work is one of the main reasons you always go see them when they’re in town. IIIrd Tyme Out has certainly brought his talent to the forefront of the bluegrass community. But his work with Sideline allows Steve to show audiences that he’s the real deal in any setting.

Justen Haynes a Virginia boy by birth, Justen grew up surrounded by his parent’s gospel bluegrass band and playing bass with them was his !rst pro gig. Behind the scenes though, Justen was fascinated by the fiddle and that quickly became his passion. He doesn’t seem to be bothered to include his stints with several symphony orchestras, including the Virginia State Symphony and we admire his broad horizons. Then it was on to Michelle Nixon and Drive and then his current gig, Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out. When Justen plays, it sounds like many of the great bluegrass fiddlers of the past are surrounding him and urging him to carry on the tradition.

Jason Moore – The bass player’s bio is always last but we just couldn’t do that to the incredible Jason Moore. Jason usually holds down the low end for the bluegrass-loving and genre-melting Mountain Heart. But if you look back before he went wireless, Jason played with the legendary James King and recorded on Michael Cleveland’s albums and managed to get nominated for four IBMA Bass Player of the Year awards. He didn’t win any of them so you might not want to bring it up when you go see Sideline. But since his playing seamlessly bridges a gap between every imaginable kind of bluegrass, and his timing and groove are unequaled, you’ll mostly want to tell him howamazing he his.

Skip Cherryholmes – If you were being honest, you’d admit you were wondering what Skip was going to do after the Cherryholmes Family decided to move on from the family band thing and on to their own musical pursuits. Skip doesn’t disappoint. He’s touring with the vocal powerhouse Lou Reid. His Skip Cherryholmes Quintet already plays a stout schedule and continues the furthering of Skip’s love for traditional bluegrass as well as his desire to move the music forward with great original material. He’s an incredible picker and singer, destined to be called a legend someday, born in California but raised on the road and he knows nothing else but performing and giving audiences everything he has, every time.

Darrell Webb plays more instruments than we do and he plays them all better than we can. It’s just something everyone should get used to and embrace. He writes and sings like he was born in a hospital where the Stanley Brothers were attending physicians. Darrell has recorded with all the one-name bluegrass musicians – you know, Dolly, Rhonda, Crowe, Ralph, etc. And he was nominated for a Grammy. And he won IBMA and SPGBMA awards too numerous to count. Of course he fronts his own band, the Darrell Webb Band, but he loves playing in Sideline and of course he’ll sing “Little Maggie” for you.

Sideline will be live in concert at the Outer Banks Jubilee in Kitty Hawk on Saturday, March 15, and Sunday, March 16.

Tickets are $20 and on sale now at the Jubilee box office.

Showtime is 7pm.

Beer and Bluegrass at Outer Banks Jubilee - March 15-16


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