Listen To Jamie Trent's New Song "Outer Banks and You"

Posted By on September 13, 2013

Lynchburg, Virginia singer/songwriter Jamie Trent is back with new original song fueled by his love for this area, entitled “The Outer Banks and You”.

Last year, Trent released a laid back Jimmy Buffett-style jam called “Take Me Back to Hatteras”, which you can listen to here.

We talked to Jamie this week and asked him about what inspired him to write and record his latest track and how it differs from his prior release.

“As a songwriter, sometimes a song finds you,” explained Trent. “With my first single, ‘Hatteras’, I worked on that song for months before completion.  I finished the ‘Outer Banks and You’ in about 30 minutes. I really had no intention of doing anything with the song other paying tribute to my wife and the Outer Banks.

“I gave that song to my wife on her birthday this past year. I have a friend and song plugger that I do business with in Nashville, AJ Burton,  and I happened to let him hear the song one day. I told him, ‘AJ check out this song I wrote for my wife on her birthday, I don’t have any plans for it,  I just wanted you to hear it.’ I think he said something to the effect, ‘This is the best song you have written so far, why wouldn’t you do anything with it?’

“Since then, it has been no looking back for the song. It actually received it’s first radio airplay on September 9 on WCMS 94.5 Water Country out of Elizabeth City and the Outer Banks.

“The song is currently being pitched to several commercial country artists, with one who actually happens to be from North Carolina, so only time will tell now. 

“Either way, I can’t tell you how many emails and Facebook posts I have received from people telling me how this song has affected them in a positive way. That’s really what it is all about.”

 Most recently, Trent tells us that “The Outer Banks and You” has been licensed by Southern Shores Realty for use as their official song.

To listen to “The Outer Banks and You’ by Jamie Trent just click on the play button in the audio player below! 

“The Outer Banks and You” by Jamie Trent

Jamie Trent (right) and his dad pictured on the Outer Banks this summer.

Jamie Trent (right) and his dad pictured on the Outer Banks this summer.


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  1. This brings a tear to my eyes every time I hear it….I LOVE IT!!!! Such a nice guy and family…you deserve all good things that come your way!


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