Outer Banks Pro 2013 First Heats Announced

Posted By on August 29, 2013

The 2013 Wave Riding Vehicles Outer Banks Pro surfing contest returns to Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head this Labor Day Weekend, and we have the first heats announced for Rounds 1 and 2.

Outer Banks Pro 2013

Here is the Heat Draw for Round #1:

Heat 1:

Tristan Thompson
Ben Powell
Peter Machotka
Chris Hunter

Heat 2:

Brenden Petticrew
Robbie Merrell
Morgan Leavel
Corey Hanks

Heat 3:

Sam Orozce
Addison Miles
Rob Cordero
Michael Foard

Heat 4:

Jeff Meyers
Anthony Osment
Kyle Busey
Chad Ellingham

Heat 5:

Dustin Richardson
Marley Puglielli
Quentin Turko
Gatey Dawkins

Heat 6:

Jake McGuire
Matt Beacham
Dallas Tolson
Devon Chambers

Heat 7:

Michael Flores
Ian Block
Pat Schmidt
Schuyler Allen

Heat 8:

Eros Exarhou
Michael Ciaramella
Bo Raynor
Josh Beveridge

Heat 9:

Ethan Carlston
Juan Carlos Gerenna
Stevie Pittman

Here is the round of 64 Heat Draw for Day 2:

Heat 1:
Gabe Kling
Chris Duff

Heat 2:
Ricky Whitlock
Aaron Cormican

Heat 3:
Asher Nolan
Mason Barnes

Heat 4:
Dylan Goodale
Jonah Carter

Heat 5:
Ben Bourgeois
Conner Lester

Heat 6:
Ryan Briggs
Chris Waring

Heat 7:
Nils Schweizer
Vince Boulanger

Heat 8:
Michael Powell
Rob Kelly

Heat 9:
Jeremy Johnson
Noah Snyder

Heat 10:
Balaram Stack
Noah Schweizer

Heat 11:
Blake Jones
Lucas Rogers

Heat 12:
Phillip Goold
Taylor Brothers

Heat 13:
Eric Geiselman
Fisher Heverly

Heat 14:
Evan Thompson
Killian Garland

Heat 15:
Cam Richards
Knox Harris

Heat 16:
Michael Dunphy
Matt Pagan

Professional surf competition is scheduled to start today, August 29, running through Labor Day Monday, September 2.

Presented by Hurley as part of the Western Atlantic Surf Series, this year’s contest returns to the south side of Jennette’s Pier at Whalebone Junction in Nags Head, with a total purse of $30,00 in prize money up for grabs.

Click HERE for more on the 2013 WRV Outer Banks Pro and check back for additional updates from OBXentertainment.com all weekend!

Outer Banks Pro 2013 - poster


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