‘The Lost Colony’ Announces Virginia Dare Baby Auditions

Posted By on July 19, 2013

The most important date in the history of Roanoke Island is August 18, 1585.  It was on that date the Eleanor Dare gave birth to Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the new world.  Eleanor and Ananias Dare named their newborn Virginia in honor of the “Virgin Queen” and the name of the new country.  Every August, citizens and visitors to the Outer Banks have joined in a variety of activities the commerate the birth of Virginia Dare.

The Lost Colony has a longstanding tradition of using live babies on stage on Virginia Dare Day. Since the birth of Virginia is depicted in the show, it is only natural to heighten the performance with the addition of live babies.  For one night only, the prop baby swaddled in blankets remains on the prop table and is replaced by living, breathing infant.

In order to be considered for  the honor of appearing on stage, all babies must attend an audition meeting on Saturday, July 27th at 10:00 AM in The Lost Colony Building located by the Elizabethan Gardens in the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.  Members of the cast and administrative staff will be on hand to assist in the screening process.  The casting is open to all good-natured boys and girls that are less than 15 pounds.  All babies must be available for several hours on Friday, August 16th for pre show preparation and for the actual performance.  All selected babies will be introduced from the stage prior to the performance. 

Many families on Roanoke Island consider being a “Dare Baby” an important part of their family history.  Who knows, the baby on stage on August the 16th could grow up to represent our county in the State Senate, be our Governor, or teach in one of our local schools. 

Anyone who is interested in taking part in this tradition must attend the July 27th meeting. 

In addition to the “Dare Baby” evening performance, The Lost Colony and The National Park Service will join forces in a special Virginia Dare Faire on the grounds of the Fort Raleigh National Park Site on Friday, August 16th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  All aspects of the Faire will be free to the public and families are encouraged to attend.  The activities will be educational and packed with entertainment value.  For further family entertainment attend the performance of The Lost Colony that evening starting at 8:00 PM. 

The Lost Colony runs nightly except Sunday through August 23. 

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Ozzie Artz of Kill Devil Hills starred as "Baby Virginia Dare" in the christening scene in 'The Lost Colony' on August 18, 2007. (photo: Artz Music & Photography)

Ozzie Artz of Kill Devil Hills starred as “Baby Virginia Dare” in the christening scene in ‘The Lost Colony’ on August 18, 2007. (photo: Artz Music & Photography)


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