Currituck Plans To Open Film Office To Attract New Movie Productions!

Posted By on April 10, 2013

Currituck County wants in on North Carolina’s hugely successful film business, as county officials hope to bring new jobs and opportunities to the area, much like in Charlotte and Wilmington, often referred to as the “Hollywood of the east”, where numerous film and television projects are produced each year thanks largely to a 25 percent refundable tax credit offered from the state.

North Carolina Film Office

Last year’s blockbuster The Hunger Games, which was filmed in Asheville, broke box office records, and many of the sites where the movie was filmed are now hot tourist destinations for avid fans. This year’s upcoming Iron Man 3, opening next month, was filmed in and around Wilmington and promises to bring even more attention to the area.

In addition, there’s the high profile TV shows Homeland, Revolution, Banshee, and this summer’s Under the Dome, all of which are currently filmed in North Carolina.

Last week, tourism and economic development officials in Currituck met to brainstorm ways to bring filmmaking to the northeastern part of the state, according to WVEC.

“Film is one of those where it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, it’s going to bring the same type of impact to our tourism infrastructure,” said Peter Bishop, director of the Currituck County Economic Development Board.

“It could be a house in the middle of a field, that’s rustic, and old and quaint, and that’s the shot that someone’s looking for, and why can’t we offer that instead of Wilmington, Raleigh or Charlotte even?” asked Mike Martine, owner of Eye Candy Digital Video in Moyock.

Most of the productions in the state take place where there is a film office located nearby, which is why the next step for now will be for county officials to meet with the director of the North Carolina Film Commission next month to discuss opening a local office.

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