Blood at the Beach Brings Horror to the People

Posted By on April 19, 2012

Virginia Beach will get scary this weekend when the first ever Blood on the Beach Horror Convention takes over the Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center on Greenwich Road.

Kane Hodder starred as Jason Vorhees in four 'Friday the 13th' films.

Blood on the Beach guest Kane Hodder starred as Jason Voorhees in four ‘Friday the 13th’ films.

Over 40 celebrity guests will be in attendance, including genre icons Danielle Harris (Halloween), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), and Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination, The Crow), as well as a 25th anniversary cast reunion featuring actors from The Lost Boys

Danielle Harris has starred in four 'Halloween' films.

Scream Queen Danielle Harris (‘Halloween’) will be at Blood on the Beach.

In addition, there will be special film screenings, celebrity panel discussions, live concerts, and a ‘Zombie Walk’ to kick off the party in style at 2pm this Friday, April 20th in front the Virginia Beach Town Center.

A monsterous event like this is all about the fans, and for many of those attending this weekend, it’s about meeting other like-minded fans who love the same things they love. Many convention veterans are traveling from other states (including North Carolina) to add Blood on the Beach to their list of conquered ‘cons’, while many genre fans who live in the Tidewater area are clearly excited for the chance to attend their first con so close to home.

The Boondock Saints stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery will be at Blood on the Beach.

The Boondock Saints stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery will be at Blood on the Beach.

We asked members of the official Blood at the Beach Facebook group to tell us in ten words or less why they are excited about the event, and the most common theme expressed was the opportunity to meet new friends, confirming that horror fans are normal folks who just want someone to talk to once in a while who knows the difference between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.

Q: Why are you excited for Blood on the Beach?

“Meeting new friends & great concert with G Tom Mac.” – Blue Connolly

“A first in the area, guaranteed to set the bar!” – Jason Crawley

“The blood and carnage on the beach will be epic….” – Jody Hendricks

“I love the beach and being Bloody is even better…” – Cathy Jo McGaha Bayer

“Killer music, and Guests, Indie filmakers2 equals awesome.” – Martha Sandusky

“Stellar guest line up for a first time con!!!!” – Brooke Payne Porter

“New friendships, fun conversations, and pop culture indulgences, Bloody fun!” – Lynn Shipp

“Stellar guest line up for a first time con!!!!” – Matthew Newell

“First convention of its kind in this area.” – Gary McCardell

“I am now the greatest mom of all time thanks to botb and reedus.” – Amber Lelani Myers

“I wanna marry Norman Reedus!!!” –  Leslie Wilson

“Killer party!” – Psy-Ko Smiley

“Meeting some celebrities and making new friends!” – Ashley Carpenter

“Meeting cool people and my favorites from The Walking Dead!” – Kyla Walker Dixon

“These are MY people.” – Chris Tarrance

“My first con and it’s gonna set the bar high!” – Jocelyn Rose

The Walking Dead cast members will be at Blood on the Beach

OBX Entertainment is hitting the road to bring you exclusive local coverage of this killer event, including event photos, celebrity interviews, and more! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for live updates from the convention starting Friday, and click on a link below for our previous Blood at the Beach features.

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Blood Reigns at Innaugural Va. Beach Convention


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  1. Loved the Event. All of the Guests where as nice as they could be. MonsterMan Clive Hall and his Daughter Constance where a hit with everyone including my 2year old son, who I think everyone loved…. Alice Creeper Rocked Friday night, I was thrilled to see and meet some of the band. Willam Forsthye was super nice, my wife loved meeting Jeremy London, Michael Biehn was stoked that my 12 year old boy loved Terminator, as he said ” a movie that came out like 15 years before he was born.” Can’t wait for Blood on the Beach II, hope some of the same vedor/guests are part of that one, Bonjo and the Bloke where fun to see and meet hope they remain part of BOTB.


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