Learn Victorian Death Rituals at Island Farm’s ‘Draped in Black’

Island Farm c.1847 is hosting a dark exploration into Victorian era death rituals in a new Halloween-themed tour called ‘Draped in Black’.

Friday and Saturday nights in October, Island Farm on Roanoke Island is taking visitors into the past, as costumed interpreters guide brave souls a night-time journey into the home of a grieving widow, exploring the unique and peculiar ways Victorian families mourned the loss of a loved one.

Island Farm hosts 'Draped in Black' Fridays in October. (photo: Island Farm)

Island Farm in Manteo hosts ‘Draped in Black’ Fridays in October. (photo: Island Farm)

As part of the tour, you will hear stories of the farm’s former residents and travel by lantern light to their final resting place in an 1800s graveyard.

Tickets are $10 per person, and reservations are not required. 

Draped in Black takes place this Friday and Saturday, Oct. 19 and 20, and next Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26 and 27, from 7pm until 9pm.

Each tour lasts approximately 20-25 minutes, with the last tour beginning at 8:35pm.

Draped in Black: Victorian Death Rituals


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