2018 Official Selection Screening Schedule – Halloween International Film Festival




1:00pm – International Block One (0:43)

  • Devil Town (U.K.; 15 min.) – Patrick Creedle is one of London’s more obnoxious letting agents and a man who’s used to getting exactly what he wants – but on this particular day Patrick’s world is about to crumble as he crosses paths with a most unusual nemesis – a man that may just save him from the end of the world.
  • BEC (Spain; 13 min.) – A terminally ill women receives a visit from a BEC (Black Eyed Child), who will not come alone on a stormy night.
  • The Scarlet Vultures (Canada; 15 min.) – A young woman discovers that a special ingredient elicits a state of euphoria in those who consume it, but not everyone is so special.

1:45pm – Horror Block One (0:18)

  • The Hobbyist (9 min.) – A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, the man winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.
  • I Waited For You (9 min.) – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – A Brooklynite girl goes out for the night with a friend in Queens, soon realizing her cell phone has been stolen by an extremely creepy man.

2:15pm – NC Block One (0:37)

  • Death Upstairs (8 min.) – A paranormal investigator uncovers evil on his 13th case.
  • Detour (18 min.) – Two sibling’s search for their missing sister takes a dark turn as they encounter local law enforcement.
  • Fragment (11 min.) – Two years following the horrific deaths of their parents, two estranged sisters attempt to reconnect at a local arcade.
    • w/Q&A

3:15pm – Costuming/Makeup Effects Panel

4:00pm – Horror Block Two (0:26)

  • Pointy (5 min.) – A young girl convinces her father there is a monster in her closet.
  • A Beautiful Place (starring Tony Moran; 6 min.) – A man lays in bed sick, dying of cancer. An angelic woman comes to him and at that moment, he knows his time has come. This is a classic of tale of how things aren’t always as beautiful as they seem.
  • We Summoned a Demon (6 min.) – They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon. [MATURE]
  • Bump in the Night (9 min.) – When moving out of his childhood home, Charlie misremembers a childhood trauma and this time, there is something under his bed.


6:00pm – Outer Banks Block (0:54)

  • A Full Bowl (3 min.) – WORLD PREMIERE – A hungry dog looking for a bite to eat finds it, but it’s the alien disguised as a bowl doing the biting.
    • w/Q&A
  • love, intergalactic (8 min.) – A popular intergalactic match making show checks up on a previous season’s winning couple.
    • w/Q&A
  • Night of the Fluffet (8 min.) – A cautionary tale about the dangers of bringing a wild Fluffet into your home. 
    • w/Q&A
  • Boy! (35 min.) – WORLD PREMIERE – The story of a man cursed to be the errand runner for an ancient evil spirit. It haunts and tortures his every waking moment until he delivers its latest victim. But is his torment real, or is the true evil all in his head? [MATURE]
    • w/Q&A


8:30pm – Baby Frankenstein (starring Andre Gower; 1:24) – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – A comedy-thriller about young Lance and his unlikely friendship with a pint-sized, self-aware automaton.



1:00pm – Lost in Apocalypse (China; 1:30) [SUBTITLED] – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – A group of seemingly unrelated individuals fight their way out of a virus-infested hotel, only to find themselves at a worse place than before. [MATURE]

2:30pm – For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween (U.K. ; 43 min.) – U.S. PREMIERE – The new, exciting retrospective documentary celebrating 40 years of John Carpenter’s Halloween , by the fans for the fans.

3:30pm – NC Filmmakers Panel

4:00pm – NC Block Two (0:21)

  • Resolute (6 min.) – A father is faced with keeping a promise when an epidemic hits home.
  • Expectant (15 min.) – The story of Joanna, who desperately wants to fill a void in her life with a child. That second chance comes from an unexpected source – the sky. The short film follows Joanna as she accepts and deals with the consequences of her sudden unusual pregnancy and the strangers who show up out of nowhere offering to help.


6:00pm – Three Times (3 min.) – Three girls dare one of their fearless friends to chant Bloody Mary three times in the bathroom.

  • w/Q&A

6:15pm – Apollo and Artemis (NC; 11 min.) – WORLD PREMIERE – After the deaths of his beloved macaws, a broken hearted man seeks revenge.

  • w/Q&A


7:30pm – Kiss the Devil in the Dark (starring Doug Jones; 30 min.) – Desperate to save his dying wife, the sorcerer Marcus makes a dark bargain with the demon Dagon to save her soul, but Dagon has more in store for Marcus than a mere exchanging of souls in this Faustian dark fantasy that explores the very meaning of betrayal. [MATURE]

8:00pm – Haunters: The Art of the Scare (1:28) – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – Haunted houses for Halloween have spawned a growing subculture of extreme full-contact terror simulations, But how far is too far? This documentary explores the history of haunts and goes inside the most terrifying haunt attractions in America. [MATURE]

Official After Party Event

*10:30pm – Free Halloween Fan Film Showcase at Secret Island [MATURE]

  • Halloween Shot-for-Shot (16 min.)
  • Michael (Germany; 7 min.)
  • November First (featuring P.J. Soles; 4 min.)
  • The Spirit of Haddonfield (20 min.)



1:00pm – International Block Two (0:55)

  • Claire& Bruno (France; 24 min.) – Claire and Bruno are not very happy together.
    They are going on a vacation, secretly hoping to mend fences with each other. Just in time: the world is coming to an end. [MATURE]
  • Bitch, Popcorn and Blood (starring Jane Badler; France; 16 min.) – At Salt’ n Sugar, a popcorn bar in the middle of nowhere, a bored waitres, is going to turn her life around when two fishy strangers show up in the bar. A mix of onirism, violence, and dark humor. [MAUTRE]
  • Alfred J. Hemlock (Australia; 15 min.) – When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorised by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock. [MATURE]

2:00pm – Horror Block Three (0:23)

  • The Uninvited (10 min.) –NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – A couple finds themselves fighting for their lives after an uninvited guest arrives.
  • She Came from the Woods (13 min.) – A campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors on the last day of the summer of 1987 at Camp Briarbrook.

2:30pm – Female Filmmakers Panel

3:00pm – Female Filmmakers Block (1:09)

  • Off Duty (U.K.; 7 min.) – An off duty police officer attends an unusual call, in this twisted short with a moral sting in the tail.
  • At Your Disposal (12 min.) – Darcy and Ryan’s imaginations run wild, leaning towards the macabre, when the neighbor runs the garbage disposal at all hours of the night.
  • What Metal Girls are Into (16 min.) – Three women going to a three day metal festival in the desert find something disturbing in the freezer of their isolated vacation rental.
  • Boy Toy (14 min.) – A reclusive army wife becomes obsessed with the mechanical boy toy her husband purchases her prior to going overseas. [MATURE]
    • w/Q&A
  • Tell Tale Heart – Sisters (20 min.) – A sister’s jealousy takes a sinister turn. Inspired by Poe and influenced by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
    • w/Q&A


6:00pm –Horror Block Four (0:30)

  • Scream Until You Like It (11 min.) – While taking a short cut down an old highway, a group’s ride breaks down. They’re alone – or are they? Stranded with nobody to turn to and no phone service, the five college students have unwittingly stumbled upon a secluded dwelling of horrors, and something is stalking them. [MATURE]
    • w/Q&A
  • One Dark Night (19 min.) – Dad spins a decades old tale during a family campout.


8:00pm – Halloween Block (0:34)

  • Three Minutes with Angie (Canada; 5 min.) – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – Two teenagers break into an old abandoned house to test the myth of Angela Claremont, a woman who was supposedly killed in the location decades earlier and who haunts the dwelling.
  • Order of the Hanged (9 min.) – WORLD PREMIERE – Filmed in Salem, Mass. young woman looking for revenge seeks out a mysterious coven, only to find they have a deadly agenda of their own.
    • w/Q&A
  • Trick and Treat (Norway; 10min.) – U.S. PREMIERE – A couple´s halloween night takes a bit of a nasty spin. [MATURE]
  • Devil’s Night (10 min.) – A group of kids get into trouble messing around with a local legend on the night before Halloween.

8:45pm – 10/31 (1:34) – NORTH CAROLINA PREMIERE – A horror anthology that brings you five  blood soaked tales by five different directors all set on Halloween night. [MATURE]


2pm – 5th Annual OUTER BANKS HALLOWEEN PARADE (Free party and costume contest event at Aviation Park in Kill Devil Hills.)


* PLEASE NOTE that the screening schedule is subject to change without notice. It is designed to be somewhat flexible. Some additional Q&As will be added following certain films as various special guests and filmmakers are confirmed, and some showtimes may be delayed as a result, while other unforeseen issues may cause certain screenings to be rescheduled. *

** Films noted as “MATURE” are meant for mature audiences only and should be considered as “Rated R”, usually due to language, nudity, adult themes, and/or graphic violence. **