[Local Buzz] Dimensions Hair Salon – Outer Banks Style Professional Ashley Dashiell

A family-run local business, Dimensions Hair Salon has been providing full service hair care to locals and visiting walk-ins on the Outer Banks for over a decade.

Dimensions is a full service hair salon specializing in all techniques of color, trendy cuts, and bridal styles, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere and outstanding customer service.

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Ashley Dashiell is among the talented team of licensed stylists at Dimensions Hair Salon, located in the heart of Kill Devil Hills.

Ashley grew up on the Outer Banks and always knew she had a passion for hair.

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“My career at Dimensions started long before I went to Cosmetology school,” Dashiell explains. “I was a part of Dimensions from Day One. I spent my time cleaning, folding towels, answering the phone, and helping schedule appointments. I wanted to learn as much as I could from watching the other stylists, working on a mannequin or friends in my spare time, curling, braiding, and styling.

“After graduating I spent a few years at ECU in the business school and finally chased my ultimate dream in the beginning of 2009 by moving to Florida to enroll in Paul Mitchell: The School in Orlando. That is where my passion turned to reality.”

Ashley soon achieved highest honors in multiple clubs while attending the Paul Mitchell school. She worked hard and was one of only 12 students from the school to be accepted into their Phase 2 program to finish out her last 600 hours of the required 1,200 hours of the course.

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Since finishing the Paul Mitchell course, Ashley has worked several big events, including the House of Blues and Winter X Games Mountain Dew Tour, and she traveled to Las Vegas to attend classes and seminars with the top educators and founders of the Paul Mitchell Family.

Since returning home to the Outer Banks, she has been working at Dimensions, specializing in dimensional color, Ombré,  cutting and styling, foil highlights, and men’s cuts, and she is the lead stylist for Dimensions Weddings.

“I love trying new techniques,” Ashley told us, “but I always keep in mind that we are at the beach. So I try to customize each cut and color to work with my clients’ daily style and keep things as low maintenance as possible for the seasonal changes, without sacrificing the trendy or traditional style my clients love.”

You can watch OBX Entertainment’s Sue Artz visit her favorite stylist Ashley Dashiell on location at Dimensions Hair Salon on Episode 64 of our original series OBXE TV in the player below!


I’ve always kind of been a “DIY” girl when it came to my hair.  Years ago, I used to cut it myself until I had a little uneven mishap, and I decided it was time to go see a professional.  That’s when I first went to visit Ashley Dashiell at Dimensions Hair Salon in Kill Devil Hills.  After Ashley fixed me up and evened out all of at-home trims, I could feel a difference in the ends of my hair immediately.  I started to realize that the pros DO have special scissors and cutting techniques that I wasn’t able to do myself, so I began to see Ashley about 4-5 times a year to give me cuts.  My hair was definitely growing a little faster and was much healthier looking!  I still refused to budge from doing my own color because I thought I was doing a pretty good job myself and was saving some money. 

This past summer, I turned 40 and wasn’t feeling very good about it.  I decided to FINALLY splurge and let Ashley do my color, just to see what it was like.  I really didn’t expect to see much of a difference, so I was very surprised when Ashley gave me the mirror to check it out!  Wow!  There was a HUGE difference!  Ashley gave my hair these super pretty summery highlights and it added such dimensions that my own coloring never had!  Plus, my hair was shiny and healthier than ever!  From then on, I knew it was worth it to let Ashley handle my color and I’ve felt great about my 40 year old hair ever since!

I’ve loved how Ashley has done my hair for years now, starting with just cuts and especially now since she’s been doing my color, but about a month ago, I gained a whole new level of respect for her.  I saw Ashley perform a miracle as she worked her magic on my mom’s hair!   I found my birth mom in 2010 and we were happily reunited and have been very close ever since.  Turns out she had my 3 little brothers after giving me up for adoption, but no other daughters.  When we met, she had…well…I guess you’d call it A Mullet.  She had never been to a salon, and had always done her own hair. 

She came down to visit me every year to celebrate our anniversary, so after a couple of years, I somehow managed to drag her (kicking and screaming) to see Ashley.  Since there wasn’t much to work with on the top and sides, Ashley evened her out slowly over the next couple of years and gave my “New Mom” tips on how to keep her hair healthy until she’d see her again for the next annual visit.  My New Mom actually listened to Ashley’s advice and her hair started growing pretty fast and this past year, the top and sides had finally caught up to the rest.  I convinced my New Mom to let Ashley do her color too.  We figured there wouldn’t be too much Ashley could do with one visit, but we were SO wrong!! 

Ashley made my New Mom’s hair just absolutely gorgeous!!  The pictures show the incredible transformation my New Mom’s hair has had from when we first met, until now, 7 years later!  My New Mom was just glowing and she still feels so great about her beautiful hair!

I had to share our story because I used to think home coloring was just as good as having it professionally done, but I was completely wrong!  My New Mom, who was pretty stubborn and stuck in her ways before seeing what Ashley did agrees with me 100%!!  We cannot vouch for other stylists, but we can DEFINITELY highly recommend Ashley Dashiell at Dimensions Hair Salon in Kill Devil Hills!  She obviously can do awesome colors and cuts, but she also keeps up with the latest trends and hair styles, offering numerous other services such as facial waxing, balayage, foil highlights, Brazilian blowouts, hair extensions, styling and blowouts.  Call her today to make your appointment to feel great!!   – Sue Artz, May 2017

Before and After:

Appointments are preferred and accepted at Dimensions, Monday through Friday.

You can reach stylist Ashley Dashiell directly at 252-202-5843 or [email protected].

You can view some recent highlights from Dimensions in the photo gallery below!

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Sue Artz with hair stylist Ashley Dashiell at Dimensions Hair Salon in Kill Devil Hills on June 7, 2016. (photo by Matt Artz for OBXentertainment.com)

Sue Artz with hair stylist Ashley Dashiell at Dimensions Hair Salon in Kill Devil Hills on June 7, 2016. (photo by Matt Artz for OBXentertainment.com)