Tourism Initiative ‘Wright Route’ to Unite N.C. and Ohio in Aviation History

Posted By on May 7, 2021

Orville and Wilbur Wright changed the course of human history when their flying machine lifted off the ground and connected us to the rest of the world. Their scientific exploration of manned flight made way for incredible innovations in modern engineering and technology that continue to change history to this day.

To celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, three nonprofit organizations that support aviation history and education are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Ohio the “Birthplace of Aviation” and North Carolina “First in Flight” that will connect the legacy of aviation that has forever linked both states.

The National Aviation Heritage Area, Outer Banks Forever, and the First Flight Society are working closely with the National Park Service at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and Wright Brothers National Memorial to promote the Wright brothers’ stories from Dayton, OH to Kitty Hawk, NC through a new education and tourism initiative called the ‘Wright Route,’ a virtual and in-person experience launching this summer.

The ‘Wright Route’ looks to provide a fuller picture of the brothers’ lives and work, promote collaboration, and dispel myths about the rivalry between the two aviation parks.

“Our parks and organizations have been friends for many years, and enjoy working together to tell the inspiring stories of how aviation changed our world,” said Jessica Barnes Green, Director of Outer Banks Forever, the official nonprofit partner of Wright Brothers National Memorial. “This initiative invites visitors to explore both parks and experience the Wright brothers’ journey to the Outer Banks in a new way.”

The initiative will provide on online hub and in-park information encouraging Ohio and North Carolina residents and visitors to travel to both world-changing aviation centers, enhancing their experience of the national story of aviation’s beginnings and how it impacts our world today.

“Last year we combined our first flight celebrations in Dayton and the Outer Banks for the first time in our history,” said Mackensie Wittmer, Director of the National Aviation Heritage Area. “We reached people from across the United States, Holland, the UK, and more. This newest collaboration between our states’ nonprofit park partners allows visitors to explore our connection even further. Not only can you experience two ultimate aviation heritage tourism destinations, but you can also discover the towns where the Wright brothers ate, rested, and shopped for supplies. As we talk about the Power of Travel during National Travel and Tourism Week, we are proud to combine our messaging for greater economic impact in Ohio, North Carolina, and the towns in between.”

“First Flight is also thrilled to partner with these terrific organizations,” said Mike Fonseca, President of the First Flight Society. “We are excited to share the entire story of the Wright Brothers, from their home in Dayton to their successful flights in Kitty Hawk.”

Visit any of the nonprofit partner websites to sign up for updates on the ‘Wright Route’ that will include suggested travel routes between Dayton, OH and the Outer Banks, NC, behind the scenes looks at both national parks and more. 


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