‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks’ Season 6 Premiere First Look Revealed

Posted By on June 21, 2019

The locally filmed National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) reality competition series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks returns for its sixth season this weekend, and we have three previews of this Sunday’s episode, teasing an all new Southern fleet.

The Season 6 premiere episode is entitled “New Blood”, as four new Southern boats will face challengers from the Gloucester-based regular Wicked Tuna cast, including returning captains Dave Marciano of the Falcon, Tyler McLaughlin of the Pinwheel, T.J. Ott of the Hot Tuna.

Among the Southern boats this year is the Kahuna, with a local crew that includes Reed Meredith, who previously appeared on the first season of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks back in 2014 on the Wahoo.

[Watch our 2016 interview with Capt. Dave Marciano, filmed aboard the Hard Merchandise, here.]

Filmed on the Outer Banks, North Carolina, the breakout TV show spin off of the original Wicked Tuna that follows the exciting work of hardcore tuna fishermen on the Outer Banks, production of the new season began in January, once again shot mostly aboard the boats of the local and visiting captains from Gloucester until the region’s bluefin quota is met.

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks airs on Sunday at 9pm on NatGeo, but starts early at 9pm.

You can watch an extended preview the Season 6 Premiere and two TV spots below. 

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    • I’ve binged watched this series and loved it but 5 minutes in season 6 im hating the new boats and crews. I hope you all get the money right for all because it always is about the cash. I do like the captains from the north but time will tell if i can take the the new g uys

  1. What is with these new southern boats..so lame… i actually muted it when the rast mumbling rocket talks…unbearable. dont think i will be watching this season..haven’t missed any yet

  2. Still have not heard why all the regular southern boats have departed the show. No slam on the new ones, but it’s just not as good without the old rivalries.

  3. The northern boats is all that i watch this season for now..new southern boats suck..especially the half baked rasta fools. I mute them everytime they are on. Reed is only southern team worth watching… you guys screwed this season up

  4. Well we can say we tried to watch. We all want the 4 regular Southern boats back or you will loose all your Southern Fans. If you want a option then let us watch the northern boats for their season and let all the southern boats have their own season.

  5. We were down in the Outer Banks in February and a worker at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center told us that contract and money disputes between them and Nat Geo led to the old fleet pulling out.

  6. I was not impressed with the new southern boats. I loved hearing Grif sing Tuna fishing baby. I will continue to watch Wicked Tuna (if no changes as the Outbanks show) you ruined the show.

  7. I like this season, but I am missing the other boats from the previous seasons. Don’t mind some new ones, but what happened?

  8. I’m with most of these posters, what reason have the other boats been left behind? Hope I can get a simple answer without invading some one’s personal business. Miss hearing the morning prayer from Dog House.

  9. Hate season 6. We stopped watching. The old southern boats were fun to watch. Not sure what idiot at NatGeo woke up one day, looked in the mirror and said ” hey, let’s screw up a perfect good thing and wreck a successful show!”. Back to Amazon Prime and Netflix!


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