Local Horror Short ‘Boy!’ to Premiere at Halloween Film Festival

Posted By on October 19, 2018

The local award-winning filmmakers behind Lost In Buffalo City are preparing to scare audiences once again with the premiere of their latest films, Boy! and Night of the Fluffet, at the 3rd Annual Halloween International Film Festival, in Kill Devil Hills.

“We’re all really excited and honored to be premiering these labors of love, right here at home,” says Raymond Wallace, the Manteo based director and co-producer of both Boy! and Night of the Fluffet.

Filmed locally in Dare, Tyrrell, and Hyde counties, Boy! follows the story of a man cursed to be the errand runner for an ancient evil spirit, that haunts and tortures his every waking moment until he delivers its latest victim.  But is his torment real, or is the true evil all in his head?

“Unlike Lost In Buffalo City, which is more of a family friendly ghost tale, Boy! is intended for mature audiences, with themes and imagery that probably isn’t for the squeamish,” cautions Wallace.  

Boy! will be sharing it’s world premiere alongside other locally made films, including two others produced by members of the cast and crew of Boy!. “This will also be the local premiere of our recent fan favorite film, Night of the Fluffet.. which is currently making the rounds at film festivals, and has already garnered an award along with several other nominations,” says Boy! and Night of the Fluffet star, writer, and producer Stuart Parks II.

Night of the Fluffet is a fun, cautionary tale about the dangers of bringing a wild Fluffet into your home.  But what is a “Fluffet” you might ask? “Let’s say it’s a creature born for whimsy, but with a mean streak as bright and red as the fur on its face,” teases Parks.

Boy! is slated to follow the screening of Night of the Fluffet in the “Outer Banks Block” of film screenings that begins at 6pm, on Thursday, October 25 at the 3rd Annual Halloween International Film Festival, held at the R/C Theatres located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

A total of four locally produced films will be screening as part of the 2018 Halloween International Film Festival at R/C Theatres in Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks block on Thursday, Oct. 25. (Click here for tickets and the complete screening schedule.)

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