H2OBX Waterpark Opening Date Rescheduled

Posted By on May 26, 2017

UPDATE 6/21: The official grand opening of the new H2OBX Waterpark has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 22.

The newest attraction on the Outer Banks, the massive new $46 million state of the art H2OBX Waterpark in Currituck County will open to the public for the first time on Wednesday, June 21, the first official day of summer 2017. UPDATE 6/20: Due the forecasted weather, and keeping the safety and enjoyment of guests and staff at the forefront, tomorrow’s grand opening of H2OBX Waterpark has been delayed.

The grand opening date announcement was made today on the park’s website.

Currently under construction in Powells Point about six miles from the Wright Memorial H2OBX could ultimately grow to be the largest waterpark in the country.

The 30-acre first phase that is opening this year includes more than 20 slides.

Some of the various slides being installed include Dune Runner, a 70-foot tall tube ride for up to two people that features three adrenaline-charged drops; Wild Horse Run, at almost 1,500-foot long and standing 50-foot high with tight corners and high-banking turns; and Storm Chaser, where you’ll be set afloat down a aqua lucent lit, enclosed flume before being launched into a cavernous basin.

Other thrill rides at the park include The Plank, where the floor drops from under you and an exhilarating 90-foot free-fall follows; Rip Tide, a 50-foot tall tube slide that features dark twists with aqua lucent lighting, steep drops, and a near-vertical 35-foot wall that boomerangs riders back and forth; Paradise Plunge, a nine-story free-fall slide where riders are dropped from the launch capsule from 90 feet up and experience a near free-fall before being launched into a 360-degree horizontal translucent enclosed loop; and Midnight Marauder, a seven-story slide that features three drops through an enclosed tube and runs more than 500 feet in length.

Family rides include the six-story Rogue Wave raft ride, the Blackbeard-themed Queen Anne’s Revenge and Teach’s Tides Adventure River, and various wave pools and play areas.

And for smaller kids, there is Sand Pail Beach, featuring four looping body slides that are open and enclosed with fun turns and loops, and a three-lane racer.

The development could eventually expand to cover its entire 95 acres, which would then dwarf Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Va., which is the largest along the mid-Atlantic at 43 acres, and would even be bigger than Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin, which is hailed as the largest in the nation at 70 acres.

H2OBX Waterpark is expecting a daily attendance of around 5,000 people this summer.

You can reserve tickets online.


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