Independent Thriller ‘Skinwalkers’ To Be Filmed In Elizabeth City

Posted By on March 22, 2017

A new horror thriller has recently been announced with an ongoing crowd funding campaign, and the plan is to film Skinwalkers in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Described as The Conjuring meets The Cabin in the Woods, the independent feature film Skinwalkers is about a young Nashville singer who must return to her small North Carolina hometown to save her teenage sister from an ancient supernatural force.

In the video below, writer and producer Toby Tate explains the the story is based on a true story that happened in Elizabeth City in 1901.

From the official synopsis: Nashville singer Izzy Grant’s younger sister, Olivia, is abducted from the venue where Izzy plays a gig while visiting their small North Carolina hometown. Blaming herself for the incident, she desperately searches for answers.

To avoid her parents’ incessant fighting, Izzy is staying in her childhood home; an ancient, Victorian-style house known as Seven Pines. She invites her best friend from high school, Tracy Williams, to stay with her for moral support.

A gifted clairvoyant, Izzy is plagued by dreams of a young woman named Nell Cropsey who once lived at Seven Pines and was murdered over a century ago. Teenage girls with grey, mottled skin and lifeless eyes begin to appear outside Seven Pines, watching her, as if trying to convey some message.

More girls are kidnapped in River City—just like Olivia.  A strange old woman warns Izzy of an evil that has returned to the town, an evil spawned long ago at Seven Pines itself. She begins to dig into the history of the house and uncovers a connection between an ancient Native American legend called a Skinwalker and the disappearance of her sister.

The dreams and visions intensify and Izzy finds evidence that the person responsible for her pain may be someone from her own family. She is led down a dark path toward the awful truth about Nell’s murder and the disappearance of Olivia and the others, by a vile, monstrous entity in human form—a creature said to exist only in legend—but Izzy finds to be terrifyingly real.

Skinwalkers is a horror thriller based on the true story of Nell Cropsey, which happened in the very house where producers plan to shoot part of the film.

There is currently a crowd funding campaign at GoFundMe to help get production of Skinwalkers going, where supporters can donate money in exchange for various perks, like being listed in the end credits of the film.

Director Billy Lewis of Wilmington’s Orange St. Films will be at Arts of the Albemarle on April 15 from 2 to 5pm to talk about the project and to screen his prior film The Terrible Two. Tickets to this event are available now for $10 at Arts of the Albemarle, located at 516 East Main Street in Elizabeth City.


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