UNC CSI Hosting Lecture on Pharmaceuticals in Coastal Waters

Posted By on January 17, 2017

The UNC Coastal Studies Institute (UNC CSI) is hosting a lecture this month on pharmaceuticals and personal care products in coastal waters as part of its “Science on the Sound” lecture series. 

This series, held monthly, highlights research on coastal topics and issues in northeast North Carolina.  This month, the program will feature Drs. Sid Mitra and Jamie Dewitt, from the departments of Geological Sciences and Pharmacology and Toxicology at East Carolina University.

Their presentation, entitled “Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products as Emerging Pollutants in Coastal Waters”, will cover some of their recent research on these relatively new pollutants and their presence in our coastal waters.

The program will be held at 6:00PM on Thursday, January 26 at the UNC Coastal Studies Institute located at 850 NC 345 in Wanchese, NC.  The presentation is free and the public is welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Human-derived compounds are part of the environment, including the water that we drink. The presence of these compounds in our drinking water may pose risks to our health. Some compounds are regulated based on their known health risks, but many of the compounds found in our drinking water are unregulated.

One class of compounds that is not currently regulated are known as pharmaceutical and personal care product pollutants (PPCPs). These are “emerging contaminants” and are challenging to regulate. While these pollutants occur in very low concentrations in drinking water, their potential health risks at current environmental levels are often under-researched.

In the presentation, Drs. Mitra and DeWitt will discuss some of these PPCP compounds and convey information about their presence in coastal areas of North Carolina.

This program will be streamed live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/unc-coastal-studies-institute, and the online viewing audience will be able to ask the presenter questions via an online chat room.

Science on the Sound

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