‘Ghosts Of The Lost Colony’ Haunting Roanoke Island

Posted By on August 20, 2015

The Halloween season is nearly upon us, and there will be lots of spirited events coming to the Outer Banks this year, in addition to our own Halloween Parade of Costumes on Oct. 25 at Kelly’s in Nags Head, but producers of The Lost Colony are kick-starting the spookiest time of year early, having just announced their newest haunted attraction debuting next week, Ghosts of the Lost Colony.

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The First English settlement in the New World completely vanished, without a trace, on Roanoke Island. Experience this historic event in an entirely new way as The Lost Colony presents Ghosts of The Lost Colony.

Join a team of ghost hunters who have discovered hot spots believed to be associated with spirits of the lost colony of 1587.  The Astral Plane Investigations team lead their groups on an hour-long tour, visiting locations in the Fort Raleigh Park and the Waterside Theatre where ghost appearances and other paranormal activity occur.  As your group experiences these strange occurrences, they learn the story of the lost colony and gain insight as to what might have happened to the colonists.  

While exploring supernatural hotspots around the park, you also learn about Elizabethan history, early colonial exploration, the Native Americans who lived here, and theories of what happened to the settlers of the 1587 colony. Step back in time, be a part of the mysteries of Roanoke Island and meet the ghosts of the past. 

Ghosts of the Lost Colony is open to the public August 25- September 6. Tours leave at 7:30pm and 8:30pm from The Lost Colony ticket office.

Guests should plan for an hour of haunting history as they walk the grounds in search of paranormal activity.

Tickets are$15, available by phone at 252-473-2127 or online here.

'Ghosts of The Lost Colony' will haunt the Outer Banks from Aug. 25 through Sept. 6.

‘Ghosts of The Lost Colony’ will haunt the Outer Banks from Aug. 25 through Sept. 6.

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