Nags Head Unveils Dowdy Park Design Concepts

Posted By on January 30, 2015

The future of the former site of Dowdy’s Amusement Park in Nags Head is beginning to take shape, as the town recently presented three conceptual drawings of what the new “Dowdy Park” may look like.

Three design concepts for Nags Head’s newest public space, Dowdy Park, were unveiled at a meeting on Tuesdayevening.

The conceptual alternatives presented at the meeting are a result of significant input on park activities and amenities received from a project steering committee and during several previous public meetings.

Bought by the Town in May 2013, the five acre former home of Dowdy’s Amusement Park, sits at the corner of S. Croatan Highway and Bonnett Street. Nags Head’s Board of Commissioners purchased the land with the plan to develop a park suitable for all ages.

You can view different views of each of the three proposed concepts below, and stay tuned to for news on the finalized design once it is approved.

Dowdy Park concept 1 - 01 Dowdy Park concept 1 - 02 Dowdy Park concept 1 - 03

Dowdy Park concept 2 - 01 Dowdy Park concept 2 - 02 Dowdy Park concept 2 - 03

Dowdy Park concept 3 - 01 Dowdy Park concept 3 - 02 Dowdy Park concept 3 - 03

Dowdy Park, Nags Head - 3 design concepts


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Posted by Matt Artz

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  1. The plans look beautiful but the problem still remains about the vegetation. If you stroll the whole Beach from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head the only trees you will se are Hollywood Juniper, Black Pine, and Myrcle bushes along with pampas grass and Russian Olive. The Water Oaks are native plants and a Live Oak is not the same. Live Oaks will not take the salt and wind that a Water Oak will. From experience I have planted Live Oaks, Holly and other deciduous trees and find the salt and wind will not let them thrive. Think again and put something there that will all of our local people can take advantage of other the than just the sports orientated and the young children, We have enough parks for that


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