Roanoke Island Festival Park Receives "Green" Attraction Certification

Posted By on June 3, 2014

Roanoke Island Festival Park has joined the ranks of environmentally sustainable attractions in North Carolina with certification as a “green” attraction by the NC Green Travel Initiative, a program that recognizes travel-oriented businesses that employ healthy environmental practices. The park received a ranking of Two Dogwood Blossoms, out of a possible score of three.

The N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Tourism at East Carolina University, the Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development in the N.C. Department of Commerce and the Waste Reduction Partners organization launched the NC GreenTravel Initiative in 2011. The purpose is to spotlight the state’s commitment to sustainable practices and to recognize businesses that have integrated greener practices into their daily routine.

Roanoke Island Festival Park has implemented numerous “green” practices that conserve energy and water in addition to reducing waste and preserving the natural environment. Those practices include:

  • Recycling bottles, cans, office paper, toner cartridges and a variety of other materials in order to keep them out of the landfill.
  • Installing Energy Star labeled Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment and programmable HVAC controls to save energy.
  • Installing water-conserving plumbing in restrooms.
  • Harvesting rainwater for landscaping irrigation.
  • Using mulch generated onsite as a soil amendment to improve soils and conserve water.
  • Repurposing wooden pallets, furniture and other wood products.
  • Purchasing bulk cleaning supplies and only using the amount needed.

“The park is doing an excellent job of conserving and protecting our natural resources,” said Tom Rhodes, manager of the NC GreenTravel Initiative. “Travelers today are much more aware of their environmental impact and tend to spend their travel dollars at environmentally friendly attractions like Roanoke Island Festival Park.”

Businesses seeking recognition by the NC GreenTravel Initiative can submit an online application. The application features categories related to recycling, energy management, water conservation and other sustainable actions, along with an associated score. Once points are tallied, the business is awarded recognition on one of three levels based on its overall score.

Applicants recognized by the NC GreenTravel Initiative receive a wall certificate and door decal identifying them as members of the NC GreenTravel community. They will also be listed as a sustainable travel business on the NC GreenTravel website at

Roanoke Island Festival Park


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