Movie Horror Icons Haunt New Outer Banks Halloween Attraction

Posted By on September 2, 2013

Some of the scariest horror icons in movie history are coming off the big screen to haunt the aisles of the old Kitty Hawk Twin Cinema at a new haunted house attraction coming this Halloween!

The OBX Haunt will open on October 21 and run through Halloween night, October 31 at the Outer Banks Jubilee Theater in Kitty Hawk.

Read on for the full “story” behind this new Halloween attraction.

OBX Haunt

Ever since she was turned down to play the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz, Rachel Bates has held a life-long grudge against all movie-goers. This obsession for revenge caused her break from reality.

At first she would just wait in the bushes outside a horror film and grab the teenagers as they came out of the theatre. All they would find the next day would be a few torn pieces of their bloody bodies. She had no job and no money so she lived by devouring most of the bodies she ripped up. Each brain she ate caused her to sink farther into madness.

The murderous rampage would happen around the time of the harvest moon in October. No one knows why the harvest moon triggers her thirst for blood.

Before the police could catch up to her she was on to the next small town, leaving little pieces of her victims in the alleyways and bushes outside of the old movie palaces. The police said she must be sharpening her finger nails into claws to be able to rip up the bodies so quickly and move on.

Eventually she found her way to Kitty Hawk and took a job as a cleaning woman at the Jubilee Theatre, once the site of the old Kitty Hawk Twin Cinemas. The years had not been kind to Rachel. She already looked like the Wicked Witch but now she was old and wrinkled with long, frizzled gray hair. She had become so hideous from her cannibalism that the cinema manager forbid her from showing her face to the customers. She was only allowed to work at night and she stayed in the shadows until all had left the theatre.

With the coming of Autumn and harvest time, Rachel once again surrendered to her rabid thirst for young blood. But the gruesome discovery of a teenage couple, torn to bits behind the Jubilee tipped off the police to her hiding place. With the help of the manager they cornered her in the projection booth during a Halloween showing of The Tingler.

As fate would have it, Rachel’s frizzy unkempt hair was her undoing. Cornered like a rabid dog against the projector, she got her hair caught up in the sprockets and the machinery pulled her rickety, cracking bones through the gears and into the carbon arc chamber, catching her hair on fire. Her hideous screams jolted the movie-goers from their seats and sent them barreling for the doors.

The police managed to put out the fire but the owner did not have the money or insurance to replace the ancient projector. He was forced to clean out Rachel’s remains as best he could and reopen in one week. But every time a film was shown the projectionist became ill from the horrific odor and smoke coming out of the hot projector.

Adding to that misery were incredible reports of characters from scary movies coming off the screen and haunting movie-goers throughout the aisles. Rachel was getting her revenge, possessing every horror movie character around the time of Halloween.

It is a year later now and the time of the harvest moon is upon us.

Rachel’s ghost has returned and walks the aisles of the Jubilee, thirsting for young blood and possessing the souls of long dead movie characters.

Whatever you do, don’t be the last person to leave this theatre. They may find pieces of you …but they’ll never find all of you!

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance online here.

The Outer Banks Jubilee Theater is located 3848 North Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk.

Will you enter the OBX Haunt this Halloween?

OBX Haunt

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