[Local Buzz] OB-Xscape Rooms – The Ultimate Outer Banks Escape

The Outer Banks got its first ever escape room attraction when OB-Xscape Rooms opened its doors to the public in 2017. 

For those who are unfamiliar, an escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room as clues to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit, or having completed a mission.

The games are physical versions of “escape the room” video games, and they are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons, and space stations. Escape rooms have become hugely popular throughout the country in the last decade, often used as team building exercises or fun for the whole family.

Located in the Southern Shores Crossing shopping center in the town of Southern Shores, OB-Xscape Rooms offers a variety of exciting and challenging experiences to choose from.

OBX Entertainment and family barely solved the Cold Case Murder of Dawn Renee within the one hour time limit at OB-Xscape Rooms.

A new room debuting in 2018 is Blind Tiger Speakeasy, in which you and your team play as U.S. Federal Treasury Agents investigating a hidden casino club run by mobsters during the Prohibition era in the 1920s, with the mission of finding the hidden evidence that will lock these mobsters up in 60 minutes or less.

Also new for 2018, OB-Xscape Rooms is premiering their first mobile escape room, titled Heroes Checkmate, which can be brought on location to your special event upon request.

Additional escape rooms include the pirate-themed Mutiny on the Lark, in which you must find hidden secrets from Captain Slaughterneck in order to escape the ship before his traitorous crew discovers you.

In the dinosaur-themed Raptor Revenge, you are trapped in an Amazonian lab where the prehistoric creatures were successfully recreated and have now broken loose, attacked the scientists, and pose a deadly threat to the surrounding villages. 

In the tech-themed Meltdown, participants must stop an Experimental Spatial Collider And Particle Entanglement (E.S.C.A.P.E.) Reactor from activating before it levels mountains and changes the face of the Earth.

Then there’s the Cold Case Murder of Dawn Renee, in which participants are tasked with finding clues to discover the truth about a decades old unsolved mystery. 

You can watch us attempt to solve the murder of 1980s teen beauty queen Dawn Renee on Episode 74 of the OBX Entertainment original series OBXE TV in the video below.

To learn more about OB-Xscape Rooms and reserve a room for your group online, be sure to visit the official website here or call 252-564-9636.